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You're Invited

We'd love to have you join us in Convict Lake as we officially tie the knot! Here are a few things that you need to know beforehand.



Convict Lake Resort

 2000 Convict Lake Road
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

Convict Lake's Instagram


So, the resort is having another wedding this same weekend (go figure - but we're not booking our ceremony through them). Convict Lake's cabins were booked up a year in advance, but that doesn't pertain to us. The plan is for our party to camp, more like "glamp" in the campgrounds at the resort. If you're not into "glamping" that is OK! The town of Mammoth Lakes is less than 20 minutes away and there are hotels/resorts there as well. 

If you're planning to camp:

  • Convict Lake's camping season technically ends October 11, 2023, so we plan to arrive earlier in the week to secure a row of campgrounds together or snag the first-come first-serve premium sites for Thursday - Sunday. We will reserve as many sites for whomever RSVPs for camping when we arrive. Don't worry, this is the end of their season and when we scoped out the campgrounds in Oct of 2022, there were not a lot of people camping and there were plenty of campsites available.

  • You can bring your own rig (FYI: This is dry camping, no hookups) OR you can book a trailer to be delivered to your campsite. The company is called Adventure In Camping. They deliver AND set up your trailer for you. We recommend that you book with them NOW by clicking here if you are going this route. *Be sure you are on the Convict Lake Campground and you'll have to let them know what site you'd like them to deliver the week of. We'll keep you updated on site #s as we reserve them.

If you're planning to stay in Mammoth Lakes:

The two most highly recommended accommodations

Sierra Nevada Lodge | | 760.934.2515 | Oct $200-$230/Night

The Westin Monache | | 760.934.0400 | Oct $265-$300/Night

or anywhere in Mammoth Lakes, CA that you feel comfortable.


The actual ceremony will take place on...Pontoons in the middle of Convict Lake.

Things to keep in mind:

  • We have only invited a handful of people, 25 maximum, to join us at the ceremony and for the weekend. This is a small intimate group, just the way we'd like it.

  • The only bathrooms available during the ceremony are on shore. They are non-flushing toilets, aka, hiking toilets (a hole in the ground, yay). The plus side, there is TP and a locking door. 

  • It may be chilly on the water, but that is why we plan to do the ceremony during the warmest part of the day. Temperatures range from 60-70 degrees with a slight breeze. Dress accordingly and comfortably..we'll be on a pontoon after all.

  • Please pack lightly when on the Pontoon, a small bag is OK. We will coordinate drinks/coolers during the rehearsal on Thursday.

  • The pontoon docks are at the Marina, which is a short drive from the campgrounds and main store.

  • We've reserved 3 pontoons for 2 hours (2PM - 4PM)

  • The ceremony will take place on the pontoons. The pontoons will be roped together during the ceremony - we will not be anchoring or shoring the pontoons.

  • After the ceremony we plan to have cocktails (or mocktails) on the pontoons. 

  • There will be a Pontoon that will shuttle people to shore for a potty break after the ceremony or as needed.

  • After our floating ceremony, we'll disembark at the dock with group photos to follow. The newlyweds will then go take photos with each other before dinner.

  • Dinner will be at the Restaurant at Convict Lake at 5:30 PM, newlyweds to join dinner around 6:00 PM.

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to mammoth lakes, CA




Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 1.57.58 PM.png


We're ditching both of our last names..

Megan is dropping Miller and Gordon is dropping Allen. Together we've decided to resurrect the blood-line family name, McArthur. This comes from Gordon's Maternal Grandmother's Maiden Name.

Are the littles coming with you? 

We both thought about this: Kids or no kids? That is the question....

And honestly, it would be strange to exclude them on our special day, but of course, they are optional! Let us know if your little ones will join so we can plan accordingly. 


Thanks for RSVPing. We're excited to see you there!

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