About Megan Miller

Nature and wildlife inspire me the most, hence all of the animal portraiture you'll find coming from my studio. I've spent majority of my 20's educating generations of future wildlife stewards as a professional Wildlife Outreach Specialist. This hands on approach has allowed me to work with amazing and unique animal species. I hope to transcend my adventures as an animal trainer and translate this experience into my artwork to ultimately capture the true essence of nature.  

These days I mostly work with watercolor, although I started my painting journey with acrylics at a very young age (7). I enjoy the occasional multi-media project and have worked with various textiles including paper, cloth, and recycled items. Considered mostly self-taught, I've only taken one college level painting class, otherwise I enjoy practicing my craft to hone my skills even further. 

Over the years I've partnered with various non-profit organizations and have had my paintings sought after by various fundraising efforts. I've donated many of my original paintings and prints to wildlife conservation efforts over the past 10 years. Whether I was on the front lines educating the public about wildlife, or painting in my studio, I always try and find a way to pay it forward and give back to mother nature every chance that I get. 

Through purchases you can support my journey as an artist and my capacity to pay it forward by creating memorable and inspiring pieces of art.