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About The Artist

Hello! I’m Megan, your nomadic luxury live wedding painter. My canvas travels with me across venues, capturing the magic and emotion of special events & wedding days, whether in bustling city centers or serene rural settings. 

Alongside me on these artistic adventures is my tech-savvy husband, Gordon, and our two Boston Terriers, Booker and Beans. Life on the road is our norm, packed with discovery and loads of fun. Before stepping into the world of live painting, I spent my days as a zookeeper, wildlife specialist, production creative and marketing director, which sharpened my skills in capturing life’s vibrant moments—skills I now bring to your wedding day.

When not painting, I'm likely experimenting with new recipes, planning our next adventure on the road, or sketching the great outdoors.


I’m here to make your event and/or wedding unforgettable by capturing it in a painting that you’ll treasure forever. Think we might be a match? Drop me a line!

Thank you for checking out my studio. Let's make your special day visually unforgettable!

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