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About The Artist

Megan's life is always full of color. Known as the renaissance woman by some, she paints weddings in real time on her weekends and has a knack for capturing the true essence of a couple's love story through art. Megan has also worked with everything from Hyenas to Hawks as a zookeeper and wildlife specialist in her 20's in California.


She was a Freelance Production Specialist and Digital Marketing Manager before starting BirdsEye VR, an immersive Virtual Reality company that captures 360-degree images from various points around the world to share with anyone who wants to experience something new. When she isn't working on these projects, you can find Megan hanging out with her 2 Boston Terriers, Booker & Beans (@Booker.and.Beans), her 38+-year-old Macaw named Blue, and her husband as well as her business partner, Gordon.

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