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Live Wedding Painting

Photos are fabulous, but there really isn’t anything else

you can compare to having a painting of your actual wedding! 

Reserve your date and book directly with me from the menu below.

Please have a package in mind when you're ready to contact me.

Bronze Package

Starting at $1,300

The Bronze Package includes:

4 hours of Live Wedding Painting at the Wedding Venue

Main Subjects Only - Ex: Bride & Groom

Original Acrylic 16" x 20" Gallery Wrapped Painted Canvas

Silver Package

Starting at $1,900

The Silver Package includes:

5 hours of Live Wedding Painting at the Wedding Venue

Main Subjects & select details - Ex: Faceless Wedding Party & Guests

Original Acrylic 18" x 24" Gallery Wrapped Painted Canvas

Gold Package

Starting at $2,900

The Gold Package includes:

6 hours of Live Wedding Painting at the Wedding Venue

Original Acrylic 24" x 36" Gallery Wrapped Painted Canvas

Main Subjects & select details - Ex: Metallic embellishments, added elements with imaginary composition

250 Thank You cards featuring your Live Wedding Painting

*Pricing is subject to change at anytime. Prices are locked in once a 50% deposit has been processed.


Why book Megan?

  • Every package comes standard with a thick gallery-wrapped canvas. Upgrades such as framing and stretched canvas duplicate available options upon request at the time of booking. Additional processing time will apply.

  • I carry professional liability insurance with every service I provide.

  • There are no extra costs to make final touches and adjustments within reason at the event/venue. I can make small adjustments but am unable to alter the overall composition.

  • Professional grade highly pigmented colors are used to create a vibrant and rich painting for you to enjoy for years and years. 

I'll create a high-quality piece of art for you to remember your wedding day with very little effort on your part,

all you have to do is enjoy your wedding and leave the painting to me! 

A 50% deposit will reserve your date. Requested dates are not guaranteed until a deposit is placed and you receive a booking confirmation.

Additional costs such as travel, accommodations, additional event insurance, shipping & upgrades may apply

  • Where are you based, and will you travel to my venue?
    I am nomadic, that's right, I am a true traveling artist! I live in a 5th wheel and am based in California. I travel all throughout the country as well as internationally too. My travel costs are included in your proposal, with compensation for airfare or mileage if necessary; hotel accommodations; and a rental car as needed. We can discuss that during our introductory call if you need me to ship the painting to you after the event.
  • What kind of paint do you use?
    I paint with a high-quality water-based Liquitex acrylic that dries quickly and cleanly. My paintings are available on pre-stretched gallery-wrapped level 3 canvases. I am able to paint in Watercolor as well, however, the canvas/paper sizing for this service varies. Let's talk about this more; Contact me to schedule an introductory call.
  • Do I need to provide you with any provisions while at the venue?
    Luckily, my setup is minimal and usually does not require assistance from event staff. I supply my own portable easel and will need a small painting area designated ahead of time. This space whether it be indoor or outdoor needs to be at least than 4' X 6'. The site also needs just provide access to a power outlet near where I will set up during the painting performance - all other materials are included! I would appreciate it if a meal were provided as I typically take a 15-minute break to stretch and refuel about halfway through the painting session.
  • Can I make special requests on the design of my painting?
    No problem! Your painting will reflect your vision and include what you want to my best ability. We'll discuss this list ahead of time so that I know what to expect when it comes time for the brush to hit the canvas. Common special requests: Include pet(s) Couple's initials (either obvious or hidden) Friends or Family members (Gold or Silver package only) A symbol for a guest(s) who are 'there in spirit (Ex: Dove in the sky, butterfly, dragonfly, etc.) Exclude (or include) DJ, tables, specific decor, etc. (within reason)
  • When can I expect my painting to be finished?
    Your painting is a labor of love, and I want to make sure that it's perfect. That means depending on the size or detail of the subject matter - larger paintings may require more time than smaller ones. I typically finish most pieces that night, however, if I require more time to complete - you'll be informed right away or we can plan to budget for extra hours ahead of time. If I plan to take the painting back to my studio and complete it there it may take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to complete. It all really depends on how much I am able to capture at the venue. Art is not an exact science...
  • What is needed to book you for my event?
    When we confirm that I am available for your event date, I will schedule an introductory meeting either by phone or email. Information we'll discuss during our call: Location Date & Time of Ceremony Venue vendor requirements (Ex: Insurance) Desired Live Wedding Painting Package The moment you'd like to have captured in paint You get to choose from several package options (please know which one you'd like when contacting me). Then I would create a custom proposal based on information gathered during our encounter. --and once chosen; I will send over a contract & invoice ($USD 50% retainer required to secure your date).
  • Do you finish the painting on-site?
    I'm here to help you create a painting that will be something special for your wedding. Typically I finish my pieces by the end of the event and you take them home with you that night. We can also designate a "Painting Guardian" (a trusted friend or family member) to be in charge of the finished piece while you're focused on your first night as a married couple (preferred). In some cases I might need an additional day before heading back home - this way everything has had plenty of time to dry. The more time I have to paint for you, the more creativity there is for each brush stroke that meets the canvas.
  • Will you paint guest portraits as gifts/favors at my wedding?
    Whether you want a portrait for each guest or just a few, I am happy to paint for your guests so that they have something unique and personalized. This service is by request only and will be quoted after an introductory call depending on how many guests we are accommodating. *Please note that I am unable to accommodate a Live Wedding Painting AND guest favors simultaneously (there is only one of me!) Your final proposal will include all materials (paper included) with my premium watercolor paints used exclusively for this service. Custom monogrammed paper and envelopes are also available and need to be requested at the time of booking. I do not hire other artists to work alongside me because I am not able to guarantee their work. Let's make something special for your guests to remember this occasion for years to come! I can typically accommodate up to 7 portraits (up to 3 people per portrait/paper) per hour. These faceless watercolor portraits are painted on 5"x7" cold pressed paper.
  • My ceremony is short compared to the rest of the night, is 20 minutes enough time for you to paint it live?
    Yes, I love painting ceremonies because they are so short and captivating. The best time for me to arrive at your venue is early before the ceremony begins (1-2 hours before). I like to paint as much as I can before the ceremony so that I have the background setting on canvas and am ready to capture your special moment as it unfolds. I also take photos and videos of your moment for reference which will help later on.
  • You were or are booked for my wedding, could you still paint us a painting from a photograph?
    I’m so sorry I couldn't be there! Yes, I can! But you know that painting is a big deal and needs time to prepare. Luckily for all of us, we can rely on professional photographers who will provide clear images from your event - giving more options when it comes down to what moment and size/style would best fit your budget as well as preferences.
  • Will you paint my wedding invitation?
    Of course! I am happy to help you with artwork for your wedding "Save The Dates", Wedding invitations, Table Seating Chart etc. so that the same brand/tone will be throughout all of these events in history together as one big celebration. I look forward to working on this project and making it something special just like what's needed for such an important day :) Please contact me for more information. Everything I do is custom, so let's find something that is the perfect fit for you!
  • Do you offer any discounts or special offers?
    I offer a variety of options to suit your needs from custom framing, duplicate prints, as well as additional paintings. I'm proud to provide discounts for our active military, first responders like police and firemen as well as nurses. Please be sure to have the job title and be prepared to provide a valid ID when reaching out.
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