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Live Wedding Painting


Photos capture moments, but a live wedding painting immortalizes your special day in a way nothing else can. It's not just a picture; it's a piece of art that breathes life into your memories.

Ready to make your wedding truly unforgettable?

Select from my range of packages and book directly with me. 

Transform your wedding day into an everlasting work of art – reserve your date today.

Bronze Package

Starting at $1,800

5 hours of Live Wedding Painting at the Wedding Venue

16" x 20" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Main Subjects Only - Ex: Bride & Groom

Phone consultation 

Professional-grade acrylic paint

Silver Package

Starting at $2,400

6 hours of Live Wedding Painting at the Wedding Venue

18" x 24" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Main Subjects & select details - Ex: Faceless Wedding Party, Pet(s) & Guests

Phone consultation 

Professional-grade acrylic paint

Gold Package

Starting at $3,600

7 hours of Live Wedding Painting at the Wedding Venue

24" x 36" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Main Subjects & luxury details - Ex: Metallic embellishments, added elements with imaginary composition

200 Thank You cards featuring your Live Wedding Painting

Painting finished in studio (up to +10 hours of additional painting time) 

Phone consultation

Professional-grade acrylic paint

A 50% deposit will reserve your date. Requested dates are not guaranteed until a deposit is placed and you receive a booking confirmation.

Additional costs such as CA Tax, travel, accommodations, additional event insurance, shipping & upgrades may apply.

Emily Hardman, CA

My husband surprised me with Megan as a live painter at our wedding and we could not be more excited about it! She was absolutely amazing! She’s so kind and talented. We were able to take the beautiful painting home the same night and it is just stunning!!! I am so grateful for her. She captured the perfect moment that we will be able to relive forever!

Gurinder Mahal, CA

I love ittttt!!!!
You're the best!!!! <3 <3 <3

Kyle Bard, CA

Megan's live painting made our wedding unforgettable. She captured our love story beautifully on canvas, creating a treasured keepsake that brings joy every time we see it. Her talent and warmth truly enhanced our special day. Thank you, Megan, for a masterpiece we'll cherish forever!
3BrotherRanch_LunaBellaBride_Sept 2022_SM.jpg

Why book Megan?

  • Premium Quality Canvas: Each painting is created on a thick, gallery-wrapped canvas, ensuring a luxurious and durable finish. This high-quality canvas serves as the perfect foundation for your unique artwork, making it a timeless addition to your home.

  • Peace of Mind with Professional Insurance: Rest assured, every service I provide is backed by professional liability insurance. This commitment to professionalism and safety means you can enjoy your special day with complete peace of mind, knowing that every aspect is taken care of.

  • Tailored to Your Vision: While I stay true to my style and overall artistic composition, I welcome small adjustments to ensure the painting aligns with your vision. If you desire more refined details, I recommend opting for additional studio time, allowing me to perfect every element of your painting.

  • Vibrant, Lasting Colors: I use only professional-grade, highly pigmented colors to create your painting. This choice of premium materials ensures that your artwork is not only vibrant but also enduring, allowing you to cherish and enjoy it for many years to come.

I'll create a high-quality piece of art for you to remember your wedding day with very little effort on your part,

all you have to do is enjoy your wedding and leave the painting to me! 

  • Where are you based, and will you travel to my venue?
    I am nomadic, that's right, I am a true traveling artist! I live in a 5th wheel and am based in California. I travel all throughout the country as well as internationally too. My travel costs are included in your proposal, with compensation for airfare or mileage if necessary; hotel accommodations; and a rental car as needed. We can discuss that during our introductory call if you need me to ship the painting to you after the event.
  • What kind of paint do you use?
    I paint with a high-quality water-based Liquitex acrylic that dries quickly and cleanly. My paintings are available on pre-stretched gallery-wrapped level 3 canvases. I am able to paint in Watercolor as well, however, the canvas/paper sizing for this service varies. Let's talk about this more; Contact me to schedule an introductory call.
  • Do I need to provide you with any provisions while at the venue?
    Luckily, my setup is minimal and usually does not require assistance from event staff. I supply my easel and will need a small painting area designated beforehand. This space whether it be indoor or outdoor needs to be at least 4' X 6' to accommodate my easel. The site also needs access to a power outlet near where I will set up during the painting performance - all other materials are included! A vendor meal is also necessary as I typically take a 15-minute break to stretch and refuel about halfway through the painting session.
  • Can I make special requests on the design of my painting?
    No problem! Your painting will reflect your vision and include what you want to my best ability. We'll discuss this list ahead of time so that I know what to expect when it comes time for the brush to hit the canvas. Common special requests: Include pet(s) (Gold or Silver package only) Friends or Family members (Gold or Silver package only) Couple's initials (either obvious or hidden) Exclude (or include) DJ, tables, floral arch, specific decor, etc. (within reason) A symbol for a guest(s) who are 'there in spirit (Ex: Dove in the sky, butterfly, dragonfly, etc.)
  • When can I expect my painting to be finished?
    Your painting is a labor of love, and I want to make sure that it's perfect. That means depending on the size or detail of the subject matter - larger paintings require more time than smaller ones. I tend to get very close to a finished piece by the end of the event, however, I do take the painting back to my studio for final touches and to add a high-gloss varnish. Once I take the painting back to my studio it may take anywhere from 4 to 14 weeks to complete depending on my current artwork queue. It depends on how much I am able to capture at the venue, the size of your painting, and the level of detail that I will be capturing. Your patience and understanding with my process are greatly appreciated, art is not an exact science and I always do my best to create a piece you'll cherish for years and years.
  • What is needed to book you for my event?
    When we confirm that I am available for your event date, I will schedule an introductory meeting either by phone or email. Information we'll discuss during our call: Location Date & Time of Ceremony Venue vendor requirements (Ex: Insurance) Desired Live Wedding Painting Package The moment you'd like to have captured in paint Delivery coordination if extra studio time is allocated to your painting You get to choose from several package options (please know which one you'd like when contacting me). Then I would create a custom proposal based on information gathered during our encounter. --and once chosen; I will send over a contract and invoice ($USD 50% retainer required to secure your date).
  • Do you finish the painting on-site?
    I'm here to help you create a painting that will be something special for your wedding. Typically I finish my pieces by the end of the event and you take them home with you that night. We can also designate a "Painting Guardian" (a trusted friend or family member) to be in charge of the finished piece while you're focused on your first night as a married couple (preferred). In some cases I might need an additional day before heading back home - this way everything has had plenty of time to dry. The more time I have to paint for you, the more creativity there is for each brush stroke that meets the canvas.
  • Will you paint guest portraits as gifts/favors at my wedding?
    Yes, please check out my Guest Portrait Service page here
  • My ceremony is short compared to the rest of the night, is 20 minutes enough time for you to paint it live?
    Yes, I love painting ceremonies because they are so short and captivating. The best time for me to arrive at your venue is early before the ceremony begins (1-2 hours before). I like to paint as much as I can before the ceremony so that I have the background setting on canvas and am ready to capture your special moment as it unfolds. I also take photos and videos of your moment for reference which will help later on.
  • You were or are booked for my wedding, could you still paint us a painting from a photograph?
    I’m so sorry I couldn't be there! Yes, I can! But you know that painting is a big deal and needs time to prepare. Luckily for all of us, we can rely on professional photographers who will provide clear images from your event - giving more options when it comes down to what moment and size/style would best fit your budget as well as preferences. Please keep in mind that my commission list is open selectively throughout the year. If you'd like to commission a painting, please contact me directly.
  • Will you paint my wedding invitation?
    Of course! I am happy to help you with artwork for your wedding "Save The Dates", Wedding invitations, Table Seating Chart etc. so that the same brand/tone will be throughout all of these events in history together as one big celebration. I look forward to working on this project and making it something special just like what's needed for such an important day :) Please contact me for more information. Everything I do is custom, so let's find something that is the perfect fit for you!
  • Do you offer any discounts or special offers?
    I offer a variety of options to suit your needs from custom framing, duplicate prints, as well as additional paintings. I'm proud to provide discounts for our active military, first responders like police and firemen as well as nurses. Please be sure to have the job title and be prepared to provide a valid ID when reaching out.
  • Do you offer your services for events other than weddings?
    Yes, absolutely! In addition to weddings, I offer my live painting services for a variety of events. Here's a list of event types I can accommodate and why having a live artist can enhance these occasions: Corporate Events: Perfect for company galas, award ceremonies, or product launches, a live painting captures the essence of your brand and provides a unique talking point for attendees. Birthday Parties: Celebrate milestone birthdays with a personalized painting that captures the joy and spirit of the day, creating a lasting memory for the guest of honor. Anniversaries: An anniversary celebration is made even more special with a live painting, offering a romantic and unique way to commemorate the love and journey of a couple. Fundraisers and Charity Galas: Add an artistic flair to your fundraising event. The painting can even be auctioned off to raise additional funds for the cause. Baby Showers: Capture the excitement and anticipation of a new arrival with a charming live painting, a beautiful way to remember the day. Retirement Parties: Honor the retiree with a live painting that reflects their career or passions, making their send-off even more memorable. Graduation Celebrations: Mark this significant milestone with a live painting that captures the achievement and the bright future ahead. Holiday Parties: Bring a festive touch to your holiday gatherings with a live painting that encapsulates the spirit of the season. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs: A live painting at these important religious ceremonies adds a personal and meaningful element to the celebration. Grand Openings: Make your business's grand opening stand out with a live painting that captures the excitement and potential of your new venture. Raising Cane's Murrieta, CA Grand Opening Live Painting >> Having a live artist at your event not only provides entertainment but also creates a unique and lasting artwork that encapsulates the essence of your special occasion. It's a wonderful way to add a touch of luxury and exclusivity, ensuring your event is unforgettable.

Book Your Unique Art Experience

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and what better way to capture its essence than through a bespoke piece of art? Let's create a vibrant, lasting memory together. Reach out to discuss how we can turn your special moments into a masterpiece.

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