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Every wildlife depicted here has a story-- some are headed towards extinction if we don't step up to protect it every day, while others heroically fight for their right not just survive but thrive as well! Every painting in the On The Edge series is based on my own real-life experiences and those from fellow animal champions. 

Endangered wildlife deserves our attention. For example, the Future Ranger Program involves students who dedicate themselves selflessly striving towards conservation efforts that will ensure our natural world doesn’t disappear like so many have before them... Every time you buy one these artworks (or make an online donation), 20 percent goes directly into supporting critical programs that fight habitat loss and implement meaningful efforts towards the conservation of our natural world all over our beautiful planet Earth.

The original On The Edge Wildlife Conservation Art Series began in 2018 and was then expanded in 2021 with a second installment of 6 more paintings. As an homage to traditional artwork, each purchase of the original artwork comes complete with one-of-a kind NFT tokens as proof and certificate for authenticity that are only available through this series! The first ever non fungible tokenized certificate of authenticity Wildlife Conservation Art Series will go down in history as something you can't miss out on so be sure not to pass up your opportunity today.

Thank you for your support and continued interest in my work. Please enjoy!
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Join Megan in the fight against extinction. 
Through purchases you are making an invaluable contribution to help save species & keep art culture alive!