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Pet Portraits


Watercolor Frenchie
Watercolor Yorkie
Watercolor Sharpei
Watercolor Ali
Watercolor Golden
Watercolor Owl Trio
Watercolor Cat Duo
Watercolor Booker
Watercolor Booker Boo
Watercolor Serval
Watercolor Duke
Watercolor Bighorn
Watercolor Scout
Watercolor Sphynx
Watercolor Kitty


Acrylic Watson
Acrylic Bulldog
Acrylic Corgi
Acrylic Owl
Acrylic Duo
Acrylic Husky
Acrylic Cattledog
Acrylic - MiniGoldenDoodle
Acrylic Cat
Acrylic Pelican
Acrylic Macaw
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