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Logistics of Live Painting - By Katlyn Dezarn

Having a live painter at your wedding can add a super unique touch to your special day and help further capture beautiful moments in real time on canvas. But, the logistics of having a live painter involves a bit of careful planning and coordination to ensure everything runs smoothly and you get the most amazing keepsake.

The first thing to consider is the logistics of setting up the painting station at your wedding venue. You will need to make sure there is enough space for the painter to work comfortably and that the station is easily accessible for guests to watch because they WILL want to stop and watch! Having your live painter in an area that allows people to congregate behind them is essential. When selecting the ideal spot for your live painter, consider a location that serves as a focal point for your event. Placing them in an open corner will provide ample space for guests who may not be a dancing queen who are young and sweet to gather and be entertained. This setup encourages interaction and engagement as guests can appreciate their work from different angles, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for all attendees. Avoid hallways or secluded pockets in the room so guests can fully enjoy the experience of having the artist there!

Bride anf Groom smiling next to a live wedding painting of their first kiss

It's also essential to communicate with your photographer and videographer to ensure they are aware of the live painter and can work together seamlessly to capture all the important moments. Depending on the moment you want to be captured in your painting, having your vendor team in the loop allows for everyone to get “The Shot” without obstructing the view of others is essential. This coordination ensures that each artist can do their best work without interfering with one another, ultimately resulting in a comprehensive view of your wedding day from the very one involved. Because Live painters need an image to base their work on, they will also need to be in an optimal position to get the moment to be captured.

Integrating a live painting into your wedding day timeline can be very simple!

Items to consider are when they will start painting, how long they will paint during the event, and when the painting will be completed. Many times, the painter will be there hours before the moment you want to be captured takes place so they can work on the background and lay out the scene behind the big kiss, first dance, or whatever you chose to have captured! So, if you want them to capture the ceremony but you aren’t allowed in the venue until a few hours before you need to let them know so they can arrive as soon as they can. Deciding on how long they will be there and if you want to take it home at the end of the night or not heavily dictates how much detail can be put into the piece.

Live painters at weddings offer a unique and captivating experience for both the couple and their guests. As the artist captures the essence of the special day on canvas, they are not just painting a picture; the final piece becomes a cherished keepsake that tells a beautiful story, serving as a timeless reminder of the love that was celebrated on that day. So, while it may require some planning, having a live painter at your wedding can truly elevate the experience and leave you with a stunning piece of art that captures your wedding day! 

About the Guest Writer: 

Hi Everyone! I’m Katlyn Dezarn, owner of Dezarn Designs Wedding and Event Planning in the Houston, TX area! But, I also love going all over the world to help celebrate the start of your marriage!  I am so excited to share my experience and expertise when it comes to wedding planning. Since I was a young girl, my mom has taught me the importance of throwing a kickass party. I specialize in making sure your wedding is super unique with personalized touches that will have every +1 feeling like they have been a longtime friend. My background as an engineer has honed my planning brain to be exceptionally detailed and solution-oriented. I love nothing more than tackling unexpected situations and finding creative ways to overcome challenges. No matter the curveballs that may come our way, I'll be there with a calm demeanor, quick thinking, and the ability to fix a plethora of scenarios.

Want to learn how I can help you plan your wedding day? Let’s talk and take away some of that stress!  


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